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Welcome to Mycheapbulksms- Buy Cheap Bulk SMS in Nigeria with our Fast and instant bulk sms platform, we are the most affordable bulk SMS provider in Nigeria. MycheapbulkSMS Nigeria gives you a chance to send SMS instant messages to the scope of systems in every nation. You can send specifically from your PC, your BulkSMS web account, your mobile phone, or even interface your frameworks application to our messaging server.

What is Bulk Sms ?

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According to clickatell, In simple terms, an SMS short code is used to send a two-way marketing text message that is executed via mobile. It’s a five or six digit number which is most commonly used for promotional purposes and is easy to memorize for customers.

Presently, the world is evolving and it's aggressively moving to the technology realm. Therefore, in other to save time for promotion of good and services, it is advised that businesses owners in Nigeria should also move with this speed.

Aside from social marketing and other tactics of building audience for you business, Mycheapbulksms provides yet another easy solution for all entrepreneurs to enable them advertise their new or old services over the market. We can achieve this easy with our fast and reliable express Bulk Sms Technology which is up and running 247.

Speed plays a perfect role in communication and technology hence it is important to deliver multi text messages in a distinct way. Our Bulk SMS messaging platform is the best and most reliable medium in Nigeria that enables users to send instantaneous SMS text notification to their targeted group/audience that may up to thousands or millions. One of the main advantage of Mycheapbulksms Technology is that it takes only several minutes to send thousands of short messages (SMS) over to users. plans to give a standard stage to enable clients in Nigeria to rapidly convey Cheap Bulk SMS service. We see that it is so vital to impart and connect with other individuals more than ever adequately. There is dependably a genuine time requirement which remains in your direction.

The enduring answer to your situation lies with a moderate Bulk text messaging specialist co-op that gives you a quick site to achieve a full arrangement of individuals inside the slightest likely time.

We ensure that your message gets the broadest reach most quickly. The administrations come at an insignificant value that you will be upbeat to manage. Give your business the correct presentation it needs. Send an imperative declaration quick to everyone in your group through our services.

With MyCheapBulkSMS Nigeria, you can get the low price massive SMS with our reliable and fast platform. Our simple and secured mobile marketing platform gives you 100% guarantee of the best Short Message services ever in Nigeria. For further details, feel free to contact us here.


  • Get the cheapest bulkSMS in Nigeria for as low as 1.80k per unit
  • We guarantee Instant message delivery.
  • Targeted SMS services
  • Location-based  services
  • 24x7 customer care support


To use this amazing service, please follow these easy steps below or click here to contact our support for assistant. The quick and express means to send bulk SMS/text messages will be explained for the benefits of our intended users. Before we dive into the process, it is important to note that the only relevant requirements needed to start is an internet enabled device this could be mobile device or a computer. That been said, please follow these steps below:
    1. Registration - Follow this link for quick registration >
    2. Login - Log in with your selected username and password above.
    3. Buy SMS units - Now that you are done with registration and login phase, it time to purchase unit in other to start sending text messages. Our platform provides the cheapest bulk SMS units, and you can buy these units by merely clicking on the Buy SMS Credit menu from your dashboard after which you will select your method of payment. Either bank or online payment is accepted.
    4. Send SMS - After you have successfully made payment, your Short Message Service unit will be credited to your account, and then you can compose your message, enter your contacts and send.
    5. Message delivered - Your messages are delivered instantly to your audience.


If you aim to advertise your business, brand or services, our platform also provides updated the database with millions of phone numbers of Nigerians, state and individual local government for a very affordable rate. To get these phone numbers kindly contact our 247 customer care for more details.

How Can A Business Make Use of Bulk SMS Service ?

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In the following examples below, we have provided means in which a business can take advantage over it's competitor by the means of an optimized bulk SMS messaging delivery. This will in turn add value to your communication with your audience or customers.

  • Keep clients up-to-date - keep your customers in the realm of your business and make them feel important.
  • Forward reminders - In today's business world, customers are always on the move and requires timely and accurate information from businesses they associate or work with. Sending quick reminders to notify your clients can help you improve customers’ perception of your company.
  • Improve Sales - No doubt every organization wants more sales. SMS marketing can come in play hence improving your sale. Marketing new products through bulk SMS and can help scale up sales.
  • Alerts - Send alerts or warning to clients if need be. On the light that their is an issue that might directly affect your customer, you can quickly trigger an alert to be safe from any possible inconveniences. Customers will definitely applaud such information since they are helpful to them and also help prevent uncalled misunderstandings.

The size of a business doesn't matter when it comes to bulk SMS service. It can be used on a small or large companies. If you are yet to start making use of this service, we encourage you to start doing so or better still, just give it try in other to have a feel of how easy and effective it could be for your business.

Our express bulk sms Nigeria support are here to assist you 247, if you by chance encounter any problem.

Tailor your bulk SMS messages with Mycheapbulksms cost-effective and reliable bulk text messaging service. 

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