The Carlyle Collection A Catalogue of Books on Oliver Cromwell and Frederick the Great Bequeathed by Thomas Carlyle to Harvard College Library
On the Galactic System With Regard to Its Structure Origin and Relations in Space
A Hand Book of United States History Literature Arithmetic Grammar Etc Etc For Teachers and Students
Perfecting or Valuation Lists of Kittery Maine 1760
A Tariff Talk Among Working Men How the Tariff Affects Wages and Work
Proceedings at the First Anniversary Meeting of the Loyal Publication Society February 13 1864 With the Annual Reports
The Influence of the Metallic Ions in an Electrolytic Solution Upon the Electric Potential of a Metal Placed in the Solution A Thesis Presented to the Department of Physics and the Committee on Graduate Study of the Leland Stanford Junior University in P
The Seaside Sibyl or Leaves of Destiny A Fortune Teller in Verse
Speech of Henry L Clinton Delivered Before the Democratic Republican General Committee of the City of New York September 5th 1878 at Tammany Hall
The Theory of a Personal Devil
Biographical Sketch of Orville Southerland Cox Pioneer of 1847
President McKinleys Share in the War with Spain He Exhausted Every Avenue of Diplomacy to Avoid the Con64258ict But After It Began He Pushed It with Vigor in Order to Speedily Bring about Peace with Success
A Sacred Warclub of the Oto
The Fair Record of the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon June 1863
Impolicy of Government Subsidies to Railroads Speech of Hon William A Piper of California in the House of Representatives April 8 1876
Commencement Exercises Academy of Music Thursday Evening May 23rd 1918
Report of Mr Carey from the Committee on Ways and Means on His Own Behalf on So Much of the Governors Message as Relates to the Finances of the State
Minimum Area Circumscribing Polygons
The Capture of Fort William and Mary December 14 and 15 1774
The Lincolnshire Origin of Some Exeter Settlers And the Daughters of Balthazar Willix
A Few Thoughts Upon Rank in the Navy
Address Delivered by Lieutenant-Colonel Homer Folks The Human Costs of the War
Addition Theorems for the Functions of the Paraboloid of Revolution
The Need of an Elevated and Permanent Civil Service An Address Before the American Philosophical Society March 15 1880
Circular of the Office of the Chief of Engineers November 28 1881 Pile Foundations and Pile-Driving Formulae
Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Proof Engravings After Sir E Landseer and Others the Property of H R Willis Esq of Kidderminster (Who Is Giving Up His Residence) Artists Proofs After Sir E Landseer Sir J Millais Rosa Bonheur C The P
The Advantages of a Protective Tariff to the Labor and Industries of the United States
The Twentieth Century High School
Speech of Maj Genl C C Washburn at the Gayoso House on the Occasion of His Reception By the Citizens of Memphis on His Resuming Command March 8th 1865
Columbian Cook and Recipe Book For Making Fine French Fruit Creams and Other Candies and Frostings at Home
Certain Partial Differential Equations Connected with the Theory of Surfaces Dissertation Submitted to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
A Few Interesting Details about Garston and District
Charter Und Statuten Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Der Stadt New York
Reporters Rules and Abbreviations
Speech of Mr Elias B Holmes of New York on the Subject of the Mexican War Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States June 18 1846
Minutes of the Forty-Sixth and Twenty-Eighth Annual Sessions of the Tallasahatchee and Ten Island Baptist Association ALA 1879
Washington Christian
The Founding of the Review
The Vision of Judgment Revived In Two Cantos
Notes on Prospecting for Tin-Ore in the Federated Malay States
The Lantern Vol 3 September 1917
The Circular Address of Thomas Chilton of Kentucky to His Constituents Washington City February 27 1831
Alphabetical List of the Streets in the City of Philadelphia Giving the Location of Each Street Court Lane and Alley in the City Vol 9 With an Index Giving the Old and New Names
The Birth-Places of Americanism Annual Address Before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Thursday Evening January 30 1873
Facts about the Gulf Coast District of South Mississippi South Alabama and West Florida
Irrigated Agriculture The Dominant Industry of California
Lest We Forget
Souvenir History of St Matthews Parish Moravia New York
Report of Mr Kilgour from the Committee to Whom Was Referred All Subjects Relating to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

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